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Miss Earth-Water 2022 Sheridan Mortlock is from Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

Representing Australia, Sheridan Mortlock, 22, almost won Miss Earth 2022 at the Okada Manila in Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines on November 29, 2022. Miss Earth-Water 2020 Roxanne Baeyens, 25, of Baguio City, Philippines attended the coronation night, which was hosted by James Deakin, 50.

A total of 86 candidates competed for the Miss Earth 2022 title. They were first whittled down to 20, then to 12, then to eight and finally to four.


The final four candidates were asked the same question. Deakin asked, “What is one thing that you want to right in this world and how would you right it?”

“One thing that I would like to right in this world are the wrongs done to our environment,” Mortlock answered. “For too long, it is gone unchecked and we have seen the consequence of this.”

“As someone who lives in the countryside in Australia, I have traveled my nation living the world for 10 to 14 months,” the Australian beauty queen continued. “I’ve seen firsthand the impact climate change had on our beautiful nature so If I could right something, I would beg that everybody please reconsider and do their best to ace climate conservation.” 


It was Mina Sue Choi, 25, of Incheon, South Korea who won the Miss Earth 2022 crown. As the first runner-up, Mortlock was crowned Miss Earth-Air 1022.

Miss Earth-Water 2022 Nadeen Ayoub, 27, of Ramallah, Palestine ranked third. Miss Earth-Fire 2022 Andrea Aguilera, 26, of Medellin, Colombia was fourth. .

Choi is the first Miss Earth from South Korea. She is the second Korean to win a grand slam international female beauty pageant following Miss Supranational 2017 Jenny Kim, 28, who was born in Seoul, South Korea.


The newly crowned Miss Earth-Air 2022 went to the University of Wollongong in Wollongong, New South Wales where she studied global sustainability and politics. She lives in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia.

Country music singer Gordon Parsons, 63, and the late cricketer Alan Kippax were both born in Paddington. The city is home to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Art & Design.

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